Rocking Through The Ages

There’s a funny thing about college students. We’re easily bored and, at the same time, entertained by the smallest of things.

Recently, I found myself sitting in front of the television set while my roommate (the studious one out of the two of us) studied at the library. I had already seen the program that happened to be on and found myself looking around the room for other things to do. My gaze finally landed on the bag of my still unpacked Christmas presents and pulled out the bag of acrylic paints.

I really wanted to paint with these particular paints (just because they were new and I hadn’t used them yet) and so my next activity was to find something to paint that my roommate wouldn’t miss too terribly.

A few months back I had purchased a cheapie fountain from CVS that I thought would be neat but…wasn’t even worth the $3 I paid for it. So, I had the decorative rocks laying in a tumbler on my desk and I just decided to make these cute little guys. ^_^

Yeah, they’re all pretty much penguins right now but I’m working on some other animals and shapes. I mainly took the completely circular ones first because I knew what I wanted to do with them. It’s easier to work with the circular ones but there are definite possibilities for the others. Ha ha.

After I painted them and let them completely dry, I took my hairspray and sprayed them down (one side at a time, of course) and let those dry.

My roommate and I have this idea to make some for Relay for Life. We would paint them purple and then write “hope” and “cure” on each side. Now, whether we sell them as a fundraiser (which I think would be a cute idea) or just give them to the committee is something we still have to decide.

It’d be cute to have a little piece of paper saying something along the lines of putting the rock in a place you can see it or in your pocket and every time you look at it or feel it, you instantly think of those effected by cancer. Or something like that.

Now, I just have to find a purpose for these little guys sitting here on my desk….


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My Guilty Pleasure

It’s the satisfaction of doing it yourself. The feeling you get when you stand in the room and look around at the decorations you made. Or the enjoyment in seeing someone’s face light up at a homemade gift you made them for their birthday. Or even the satisfaction that your office supplies are one of a kind. Because YOU made them.

It’s my guilty pleasure.

There’s a certain comfort in being able to achieve things by yourself. And when they’re cute and artsy…it’s all the better. DIY can be easy or hard, time consuming or quick. It can even save money. DIY provides cheaper alternatives to the products of companies siphoning money from our pockets.

It’s cheaper but it’s also incredibly gratifying when you create something that’s almost exactly what you would see on the shelves for a quarter of the price.

I can’t do much with the dorm room due to liability rules and dorm regulations. I have multiple projects to try with an apartment that will allow us to dress up something that would otherwise be barren and boring while also staying within a college student’s budget (which happens to be next to nothing).

So, I’m using this blog to work up ideas, talk about other people’s ideas, as well as showing and critiquing my own attempts.

I’m so excited!

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