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Elegance in Black and White

We put the rest of our deposit down on the apartment this week and I’ve been mulling over ideas in my head for the decorations.

Thusly…I’ve changed my color theme for our main room. We’re going with a black and white theme which works well for what we’ve got. The walls are already white so it will be easy to find black accent pieces.

I want to play with some photographs we’ve taken over this year and change them to black and white. I think with a white matte board and a black frame, they’ll look really nice and elegant hanging on the walls. Especially down the hallway.

I’ve always liked silhouettes and cameos and I’d really like to tie that into the theme of the apartment. However, I’d like at least one personal touch to the theme. So, I’ll probably play around with my Photoshop and try to create a silhouette of each of our heads. Much like the iPod commercials only…not moving.

Another idea I’d like to try is a “twinkle board”.

It would be really simple to do. I mean, yes I would have to get a drill and some help but other than that it would be a reasonably inexpensive and easy project to do and it would really make the room “light up”.

Start simply first. Try a small board that might could rest on a desktop or in the cubby of a storage block. Print out a “stencil” of a word in the font you want to use. Tape it to the board, making sure that before you drill, you’re using the correct size drill and proceed to drill holes a few centimeters apart to create the right effect from the word.

After you’ve drilled the holes, insert the christmas lights one-by-one in from the backside of the board. Plug it in and it creates an amazing accent to any room!

For more detailed directions, go here. http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/07/diy-idea-mayas-twinkle-board.html

It’s an amazing DIY site that has SUCH cute ideas. I can’t wait to try some out.



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HGTV Charleston Style

My roommate and I finally put a down payment on an apartment for next year. We’re extremely excited about it. But she and my mother were laughing at me because, while they were planning on the essentials to buy and how to budget, I was trying to picture the different things I could do with the rooms.

So far, I’ve decided on the themes I want each room to be and a few of the details that I want to use to carry out each theme.

The main room is going to have a multicolored theme but we’re sticking to the bright, happy colors. We can incorporate the theme into pretty much anything. Even if we get ugly, brown pillows, they’re easy to reupholster or even just make a quick cover-up case.

As for the walls, I want more of an accent wall than to do the entire thing because then it wouldn’t flow as nicely into the other rooms.

I want to do some wall art that won’t damage any of the paint and is easy to put up. I found a few ways to do it that won’t take more than a few minutes to put up and it looks great!

There’s one idea that another blogger had that incorporates inexpensive scrapbook papers to create an engaging, bright and happy feel to the room. She also made her own drop lamps, which also might be an option for our apartment. However, I haven’t looked at how the lighting is set up too closely.

Another blogger writes about using paint chips to create the aesthetics of the room. It’s a really cool idea but I’m not sure I have that many paint chips and it would look a little sketchy to go in Lowe’s or Home Depot just grabbing paint chips and walking out.

Another idea I’ve heard about and seen around is the old window frame wall art. The idea is to take an old window frame that either you don’t need anymore or someone’s thrown out and put pieces of fabric or patterned paper behind each section and hang it on the wall. It actually makes things look really nice in the homes I’ve seen it hung.

So, that’s a possibility.

But for now, I’m just looking through ideas and compiling them to see what would be the best and most inexpensive way to put things together without causing the owners to add another fee for damages. My roommates and parents can figure everything else out. ^_^

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