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Picture This…Again

As a continuation of the previous post, I’ve recently found and thought up of even more ways to use those old frames I found in the garage.

For one, I think it would be really cute to do a tv tray with a shallow frame. I think it would be really easy and inexpensive to do and you even have the choice of personalizing your piece.

I’m not really sure how it would work in real life but you could replace the cardboard backing with a sturdy piece of wood or hard plastic, keeping the glass front for a smooth and polished look, or just using the wood as the bottom. If you keep the glass, you could put pictures or drawings and even your favorite fabrics underneath it and have a beautiful and easy to use tv tray with edges that would things. I’ll try it out and report back with how things go.

Another idea I thought about (and apparently so did others) was a chalkboard. It takes the same idea as the jewelry storage frame but it replaces the back with a painted board of wood. You can find chalkboard paint for as little as $7 at CreateForLess. It’s definitely a steal there if you’re lazy or like┬áme and don’t have a car to get it in person.

All you have to do is paint this on the piece of wood and let it dry for the period of time recommended before securing it in the frame and hanging it on the wall.

For the simplest use of the photo frames, an easy thing to do would be to string them together. A small frame on top that gradually gets larger with every frame would look pretty if you’re only doing a few. You normally see about three or four frames in this kind of bunch but you could also go with totally different sized frames and make a line that went from your ceiling to your floor.

I actually really like that idea and the way it looks in my mind. So here’s to another attempt at making the dorm look better!


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Monogram Me…

So, there’s a price to pay for being a lover of cutesy polka dots, monograms, and patterns. You tend to see them everywhere and want everything.

Last year, my dorm walls were as barren as the Arctic so I had to come up with something to spruce them up and bring some life to the room. All I had was some old black and white patterned wrapping paper, three cardboard inserts from some boxes I’d received my textbooks in, and some pink ribbon I’d saved from a class project.

The wrapping paper was reversible and, on the other side, was a solid hot pink. So, I printed out a full page of each letter of my initials and placed each over the pink wrapping paper before cutting them out. I then covered each cardboard insert with the black and white pattern, making sure to tape them securely to the back.

I then taped each of the initials to their prospective decorated board and then decided it still needed something. So, I took my ribbon and wrapped it around the edges of each, taping those at the back also. After that, I taped some more ribbon to hang the pieces with and got this wonderful result!

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My Guilty Pleasure

It’s the satisfaction of doing it yourself. The feeling you get when you stand in the room and look around at the decorations you made. Or the enjoyment in seeing someone’s face light up at a homemade gift you made them for their birthday. Or even the satisfaction that your office supplies are one of a kind. Because YOU made them.

It’s my guilty pleasure.

There’s a certain comfort in being able to achieve things by yourself. And when they’re cute and artsy…it’s all the better. DIY can be easy or hard, time consuming or quick. It can even save money. DIY provides cheaper alternatives to the products of companies siphoning money from our pockets.

It’s cheaper but it’s also incredibly gratifying when you create something that’s almost exactly what you would see on the shelves for a quarter of the price.

I can’t do much with the dorm room due to liability rules and dorm regulations. I have multiple projects to try with an apartment that will allow us to dress up something that would otherwise be barren and boring while also staying within a college student’s budget (which happens to be next to nothing).

So, I’m using this blog to work up ideas, talk about other people’s ideas, as well as showing and critiquing my own attempts.

I’m so excited!

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