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Egg-cellent Crafting

It has come to my attention that roommate (and apparently many other people) do not know of the inexpensive balloon wrap crafts. She’s never heard of the yarned Easter baskets or the delightful hanging decorations you can make just by using yarn, a balloon and a gluey homemade substance.

So, I’ve decided that a crafts night is in order.

You can use the most basic recipe to make the diorama (like the Easter one in the picture) or you can make a multitude of other things like actual baskets, light fixtures, globes to go over Christmas lights, party favors, etc. The list is endless.

We used to make Easter baskets in elementary school all the time. It’s definitely a messy project but easy to clean up at the same time.

All you really need is a disposable bowl, water, glue, balloons, newspaper and yarn. You’ll also need a room large enough without anything valuable near your work station.

The gist of the craft is, after blowing up the balloon to the desired size, to pour the glue (Elmer’s works perfectly fine) into the bowl and water it down so that it’s not so thick and it’s more easy to work with.

The next step has two different ways to be carried out. Some people have found it to be easier to just dump the entire wad of yarn into the mixture of water and glue and let it soak for a few minutes. Others find it easier to soak the yarn in pieces and use as needed. Either way works just as well. It really all depends on your preference.

After soaking your yarn in the mixture, gently place it around the balloon–overlapping, criss-crossing, or even designing shapes.

After you’re fully satisfied with your “design”, allow the yarn to dry and harden overnight before popping the balloon the next day and marveling over your newly shaped egg.

It’s a fantastic craft for the little kids to do and so much fun!


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