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Picture This…Again

As a continuation of the previous post, I’ve recently found and thought up of even more ways to use those old frames I found in the garage.

For one, I think it would be really cute to do a tv tray with a shallow frame. I think it would be really easy and inexpensive to do and you even have the choice of personalizing your piece.

I’m not really sure how it would work in real life but you could replace the cardboard backing with a sturdy piece of wood or hard plastic, keeping the glass front for a smooth and polished look, or just using the wood as the bottom. If you keep the glass, you could put pictures or drawings and even your favorite fabrics underneath it and have a beautiful and easy to use tv tray with edges that would things. I’ll try it out and report back with how things go.

Another idea I thought about (and apparently so did others) was a chalkboard. It takes the same idea as the jewelry storage frame but it replaces the back with a painted board of wood. You can find chalkboard paint for as little as $7 at CreateForLess. It’s definitely a steal there if you’re lazy or like┬áme and don’t have a car to get it in person.

All you have to do is paint this on the piece of wood and let it dry for the period of time recommended before securing it in the frame and hanging it on the wall.

For the simplest use of the photo frames, an easy thing to do would be to string them together. A small frame on top that gradually gets larger with every frame would look pretty if you’re only doing a few. You normally see about three or four frames in this kind of bunch but you could also go with totally different sized frames and make a line that went from your ceiling to your floor.

I actually really like that idea and the way it looks in my mind. So here’s to another attempt at making the dorm look better!


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Picture This

I recently visited my parents back home and was rumbling through the garage when I came across three large boxes of photo frames. Big ones, small ones, and even some REALLY funky ones. I hate to leave things just sitting there unused so, much to my mother’s dismay, I took one of the boxes into my bedroom and started brainstorming on ideas for how to use the poor things.

There’s one idea that just redesigns the frame to give it a more vintage look. This works better for those picture frames that are painted. All you have to do is take a high grade sandpaper to the edges and work some parts of the wood more than the others to give it that old, vintage-y look and feel. It really turns out nicely once you’ve done it a few times.

I’m also thinking about doing a few black and white crackle frames for the main room to tie into the theme. I did this for my bedroom in pinks and whites. It’s a simple process but one where you have to really pay attention.

The first step in crackling is to wash the surface and sand it if it’s wood. This allows the paint to stick to the surface and, therefore, it’s less likely to peel off of the wood and damage.

After this dries, you put on your base coat, or the coat you want to be seen through the cracks of the paint. In my case, I’ll most likely paint it white first. You let it dry for a full 24 hours and then apply the crackle paint. The thicker you paint it on, the thicker the cracks. Also, the direction in which you stroke with the brush determines the direction of the cracks. My sister and I quickly learned that in order to get the effect we wanted, we had to put the crackle on thickly and then, before it dried, randomly pull the paint in different directions.

After a full 24 more hours, the top layer of paint goes on. And here is where it gets tricky. You have to apply the paint quickly. It’s a fun process. Especially when you get other people to help you. ^_^ After finishing, wait another 48 hours before putting a coat of glaze on.

Another picture frame idea that I’ve seen before is the jewelry/storage board. It’s actually really simple. Instead of putting a picture in, just staple in a piece of corkboard or mesh and put the backing on. I’m really excited about trying that one. ^_^

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